Comprehensive bloodwork is also a key step in the diagnostics process. You may come to your visit already prepared with recent bloodwork results, but our cardiologist may still recommend additional testing if necessary. For your convenience, we have a lab in our office, Labcorp, or we can give you a bloodwork order to take to another lab of your preference.

Prather Profile

Blood analysis can provide more information about the function of your body than any other test. The Prather Profile Blood Analysis is a well-respected, comprehensive blood test that covers all the major organ systems. This scientifically proven complete blood test is recommended by the top diagnosticians in the world to determine the body’s physiology.

Calcium Scores

The procedure called coronary artery calcium scoring, or CAC, checks for calcium buildup in the arteries. It rates heart attack risk and gauges the benefit of certain heart treatments, such as statins.


Brain natriuretic peptide(BNP) test is a blood test that measures levels of a protein called BNP that is made by your heart and blood vessels. BNP levels are higher than normal when you have heart failure.

Cardiac CRP

Your body produces C-reactive protein, or CRP, when something is starting to become inflamed. So, if a doctor finds CRP in your blood through testing, they’ll know there’s inflammation somewhere in your body.


The CardiaX Test is a genetic micro-array test which detects and interprets variants that may indicate a predisposition to various heart conditions as well as how your body would respond to certain pharmacological agents. Its intended use is to help reduce the risk of certain heart conditions by making healthy lifestyle choices.


The NutriPro test is a micro-nutrient assessment that tells us which micro-nutrients are actually getting inside of your cells based on genetic variation. A simple blood test does not give us this information. This allows us to cater directly to your body’s specific needs and build a program specifically for you.