It’s a fact. We use our joints on a daily basis! Unfortunately, they can be injured by sudden or severe stress, such as slips or falls, or by smaller continual forces, such as improper posture or overexertion.

Have you ever encountered shoulder problems, a wrist sprain or maybe tennis elbow? These are some of the most common conditions, which Holistic Integration can help resolve with extremity adjustments.

We use these to help restore normal motion to joints that have become injured or ‘locked up’ due to injury or repetitive motion. Our goal is to reduce and/or eliminate your pain, improve motion, relax muscles, reduce nerve interference and promote healing. Extremity adjustments are very safe and natural and can easily be combined with other chiropractic techniques.

We want to make sure that you have a comprehensive treatment plan that is customized for YOU. Let us help you achieve optimal health, and schedule a consultation with us today!