Healing Tools: The ProAdjuster

doctor examines woman s back

When muscles are tight and stiff they cause pain and restrict the movement of the joint. Reduced range of motion makes the area and joint more vulnerable to injury and degeneration. 

Reducing muscle tension not only feels better and reduces pain, but it improves mobility and reduces the chance of injury. One is then able to move more freely throughout their everyday tasks. 

    One tool we love to use at Holistic Integration to reduce muscle tension and improve mobility is the ProAdjuster. The ProAdjuster uses an advanced computer system to objectively analyze areas for restriction and address muscle tension that is affecting the joint. The machine also comes with protocols for common ailments such as headache, TMJ (pain and limited movement of the jaw), neck range of motion restrictions, knee pain and many other issues. 

As a team, we have also developed our own protocols for treatment. This is one of the many gentle strategies we use to improve mobility and reduce pain when working with our patients.

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