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Feeling vs. Function: The Pastrami Principle

There’s a very important distinction to be made between how we feel and how we function, especially in regard to healthcare and the Structure-Function model of healthcare. Over the years I have asked thousands of people what their definition of health is. For many people, health is when they feel good and when they are

Phase Angle: The Blueprint to Wellness

The Western medical system has long used the Body Mass Index (BMI) tool to measure an individual’s health. BMI measures a person’s weight divided by their height, and uses the resulting number to indicate the body fatness and health of an individual. Essentially, BMI assesses a person’s health based only on their size. However, scientists

What is Structure Function Medicine?

You may associate different emotions with going to the doctor – fear and anxiety, the confusion that comes with the introduction of new drug prescriptions into your daily routine, frustrating, long waits to get to speak with an actual provider, and even physicians who don’t seem to listen to your concerns or want to address

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