Kinesio Taping

General information

Kinesio taping, or K tape, is designed to support and stabilize muscles and joints. It is utilized by attaching one end of the tape from one origin point of the muscle to the next origin point. By doing this we can stabilize that specific area without restricting mobility. The reason why we use this specific tape is that it has a similar texture and elasticity as healthy human muscle. When used in conjunction with our other services we can see more long-term results especially with posture.

person applying k tape on a girls arm and wrist

History of Kinesio Taping

Dr. Kenzo Kase began research into Kinesio Taping in the mid-1970s, looking for a better way to relieve pain and assist the body in healing naturally. Dr. Kase comes from an Acupuncture & Chiropractic background in Japan. K Tape truly took off first in the US in 2008 when our gold medalist in the Olympics for Volleyball had Kinesio tape all over her shoulder from there it has exploded into all areas of sports.

Benefits of K Tape

Decrease pain by applying pressure to the area
Decrease inflammation by removing congestion of the lymphatic system which in turn increases circulation of oxygenated blood
Muscle support of appropriate alignment, which aids with posture
Athletic performance on both the prevention side for the stability of the muscle and overall performance
Joint Stabilization
Forward Head Posture
Shin Splints
Trigger Point Therapy
Joint Injection Therapy
Tennis Elbow
Rounded Shoulders
Golfer’s Elbow
Low Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Plantar Fasciitis