Shortwave Diathermy

General Information

Shortwave Diathermy creates heat in tissue via emitted electromagnetic radio waves. By heating tissue whether it is muscle or organ tissue we increase blood supply to said tissue. By simply increasing blood flow we can speed up the healing process. This therapy is used both on the functional and structural aspects of our practice. Rather than heating the body directly the body generates the heat from within the targeted tissue.

Our Protocols

Muscle Pain (On Area of Pain)
Circulation (Bottom of the feet)

Understanding the Protocols

Muscle Pain – When there are tight muscles, pain, or trigger points is when Diathermy is placed on that specific area to increase blood flow.

Liver/Spleen – When Liver Enzymes (HDL & LDL) are less than 18 or more than 30 or there is immune stress in the body is when Liver/Spleen Diathermy would be necessary for the patient.

Kidneys – When the GFR is less than 90 then the kidneys need support and Kidney Diathermy is utilized.

Ear/Thymus – This is best for ear infections both in adults and kids. One head of the diathermy is on one ear and the other on the chest after 20 minutes switch ears.

Lungs – For any kind of congestion in the lungs, this is determined by testing with spirometry or determined by the Nurse Practitioner listening to the lungs.

Circulation – The Diathermy is placed on the bottom of the feet to increase blood flow from the furthermost part of your body from the heart. Increasing the likely hood of new capillaries in the feet increasing overall blood flow.