How Past Experience is Linked to Your Health

trauma therapy
trauma therapy

Our bodies hold every experience we have ever had. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated with this concept. Through my own life experiences and my experience as a practitioner, it has become apparent that it is impossible to separate physical ailment from mental or emotional processes. Negative thought processes and trapped emotions from past trauma or social conditioning can cause blocked energy in the body. As a result, this manifests into pain if not dealt with properly.

Recent scientific advances illustrate how trauma literally reshapes the mind and the body. Carrying and repressing past trauma throughout life can affect the way we think about ourselves and the people in our environment causing changes in the way we carry our bodies. Your head and shoulders are in a different position when you are confident vs burdened or confused. You stand taller when you feel victorious and trusting vs defeated. Muscle tension manifests in an effort to maintain postures that keep an individual feeling safe and unaware of unpleasant emotions.

Different areas of the body correspond to different emotions. Injuries and diseases tend to manifest in areas of the body where emotions or trauma are being repressed and stored. But, understanding your mental and emotional state and allowing emotions to surface in a healthy way is essential in avoiding injury or disease. Your body becomes weaker or stronger depending on your mental or emotional states. Eastern medicine has integrated these concepts into practice for thousands of years. At Holistic Integration, we use a combination of Eastern and Western approaches to encompass the mind-body-spirit connection in order to get to the root cause of the problem, ultimately bringing the body back into homeostasis.

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