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Holistic Doctor Indianapolis IN – Functional Medicine and Integrative Health

For over three decades, our Functional Medicine Center, once known as The Prather Practice, and now operating under the banner of Holistic Integration, has been enabling individuals to realize total well-being. Our functional medicine doctor follows a Structure Function Care model, capturing a holistic body perspective for diagnosing and treating health conditions.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a versatile range of Integrative Medicine Services, our expert, personalized team is dedicated to revolutionizing lives and supporting our patients and their families on their integrative health journey. We take immense pride in being acknowledged as the premier functional medicine practitioner in the vicinity.

Our integrative medicine and wellness services at Holistic Integration are designed to provide an all-inclusive, integrated care solution. As an integrative doctor, our primary objective is to transform the health and wellness of our patients and their families through our diverse range of services.

Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can aid you in your journey towards integrative health. We’re here to serve you!

Structure Function Care

At Holistic Integration, we practice a distinctive approach known as Structure Function Care.

The FDA recognizes two models of medical care in the United States — Disease Care and Structure Function Care. Disease Care aligns with the conventional medical practice most are familiar with. It involves responding to health issues and ailments as they arise, typically addressing diseases and symptoms with prescription medications, short-term solutions, and occasionally even surgery.

In contrast, Structure Function Care is proactive healthcare. As an integrative health practice, we focus on viewing the body as a cohesive unit to bring the entire system back to a state of balance or homeostasis. This approach anticipates and ideally prevents health issues before they arise.

Our functional medicine doctor champions the Structure Function model of care, aspiring to make Structure Function Care your primary care model. We understand this might be a significant change for you, but we’re here to help answer all your questions!

To learn more about Structure Function Medicine and functional medicine, visit our blog post here.

Our Values

True Health

True Health signifies fostering complete harmony within the body. This is achieved by combining structural and functional medical treatments and promoting a paradigm shift in healthcare through our functional medicine practitioner services and educational efforts.

Work Ethic

Work Ethic means that we strive for greater success in the health of our patients by consistently pursuing excellence in everything we do. Resilience is key. When faced with challenges, we never give up, we push harder.


Authenticity implies being fully conscious and committed to our true selves, never feigning to be anything we are not, and being honest about our strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and limitations.


Family is our foremost motivator in everything we do. Our family includes each patient who walks through our doors and the staff that makes all this possible.


Passion, to us, means being fully engaged. Every action we undertake is intentional. We fully commit to every patient and all we do because we love our patients and our work in the field of functional medicine and integrative health.