Functional Health Coaching

General Information

Each of our Functional Health Coaches is trained using Dr. Prather’s protocols for reading diagnostics. The Functional Health Coach will be managing diagnostics from a functional perspective. By recommending supplements and nutritional elements to bring the body back into homeostasis.


young obese female with ethnic male health coach exercising together in park

Primarily we use the diagnostics the patient has received to determine appropriate protocols of supplementation and general nutrition management. We also use a machine that uses biofeedback to help determine which option is best for the patient as well. Biofeedback is FDA-approved and German engineering piece of technology that helps guide our coaches on which supplement will be best for the patient.

What to Expect

These appointments last from 30 minutes up to an hour depending on how many diagnostics a patient may have. Please bring any supplements you are currently on with you to this appointment. For us to be truly holistic we need to have a holistic approach to your body. Also, bring family and support members, this helps everyone to be on the same page regarding your health.

We will be discussing the latest diagnostics and our interpretation of them (keep in mind we have more strenuous levels we look at). Following up on current supplements and how you have been feeling overall. Retest the current supplement program to determine if there must be a change. Test any new supplements due to diagnostics or something not working as fast as we like.


How long do I stay on supplements? – Our end goal is to get to homeostasis and get the body to perform the functions it is meant to. Some aspects of your health might be chronic and need long-term support, but overall our goal is to get your body to a point it does not need supplementation.

What is different between our supplements vs store-bought? – All supplements we carry go through Dr. Prather’s standards. It is important that your body can easily utilize the sources of minerals and vitamins. All of our brands are meant for providers and practitioners.

How often do I need a functional health consult? – This depends on your level of care. The Functional Health Coach will determine a level based on symptoms, diagnostics, and review of systems. This determines the frequency in which the coach will need to see you to make any changes or adjustments as your body starts to self-correct.