Intersegmental Traction

General Information

Intersegmental Traction is utilized to increase mobility in the spine. We use it when we have a specific misalignment of the spine. It utilizes rollers that are controlled as far as height, area, direction, and speed all dependent on X-ray findings. This is a relaxing therapy that lasts for 12-15 minutes. When joints are misaligned, this affects the fluid around the joint, by mobilizing these joints we are helping nutrients back into the spine and allowing for the alignment of those specific areas to be achieved.


Scoliosis – Is a sideways curve in the spine that can cause long-term issues for patients such as pain, trouble walking, neuropathy, shortness of breath, and many more. Traction assists with shifting the points of scoliosis back into the proper alignment.
Posterior Sacrum Misalignment – The sacrum is the bottom of the spine. For many patients, the sacrum becomes rotated out reducing the support in the low back. Due to gravity pushing down all day when the sacrum is misaligned the low back takes on that pressure causing low back pain and speed up degeneration of the discs. By aligning the Posterior Sacrum, we can take that pressure off.
Thoraco-Lumbar Misalignment – This is the same protocol as Scoliosis, but for patients that do not have scoliosis. These are for patients that could still benefit from the motion in that part of their spine.


Accelerates the healing process and alignment of the back
Reduces muscle spasms
Takes pressure off of areas that are not properly supported
Restores mobility in the spine