Laser Therapy for Weight Loss Indianapolis IN, Natural Weight Loss Treatment

Invisa-Red represents an exciting evolution in holistic weight loss treatment, offering an innovative approach to achieving weight loss and body aesthetics. This new, FDA-approved method shows measurable weight loss results using laser therapy for weight loss, specifically through the application of infrared and red laser light frequencies.

How Does it Work?

Invisa-Red is an entirely non-invasive weight loss treatment. This integrative weight loss treatment utilizes small paddles fitted with red lasers that are applied directly to the areas you’d like to address. This treatment is completely painless, offering a comfortable alternative to more invasive weight loss procedures.

This weight loss treatment leverages dual coherent frequencies to enable the light energy to penetrate deep into fat tissue. This interaction initiates a robust response in cellular functions and kick-starts the body’s natural metabolism. The Invisa-Red technology stimulates lymphatic function and enhances metabolism through the creation of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Activating and optimizing the lymphatic system and metabolism are essential components to achieving a patient’s weight loss goals using this laser therapy for weight loss.

Pulsing of the light energy and interference from these wavelengths allows subcutaneous fat tissue to absorb a higher amount of red laser energy. This fat then acts as an energy source for the supercharged metabolism. Consequently, it is removed from the body via lymphatic excretion (urine & sweat), contributing to the overall weight loss treatment results.

The rapid absorption of red laser energy heats the fat tissue, increasing blood flow and facilitating the transfer of nutrients and oxygen into the cells. This oxygen saturation triggers cellular respiration and is processed into cellular energy. This metabolic reaction results in the synthesis of ATP, enhancing the body’s natural metabolic function to immediately utilize stored fat energy. This is an integral part of Invisa-Red’s holistic weight loss treatment strategy.

Energy density or the absorption rate of energy into the fat cells plays a major role in patients’ results with this laser therapy for weight loss. Achieving optimal absorption requires consideration of several factors, including the service being performed, the area being treated, skin tone, and the severity of the issue. Since these factors differ among patients, generic protocols from single frequency machines have proven to be inconsistent in many cases. Invisa-Red’s integrative weight loss treatment, on the other hand, tailors the therapy to individual needs, delivering more consistent results.