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IV Therapy

IV Therapy

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Have You Tried IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is a medical technique that delivers fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into a person’s vein.
As a result, IV Therapy is the fastest and most effective way to deliver antioxidants and nutrients into the bloodstream and generally has greater absorption because it bypasses the digestive system.

Capsules and IV for Iv therapy and supplementation

At Holistic Integration,

we prefer to give our patients a micronutrient assessment before determining what IV fluids would be best for them. Our Nutripro test tells us which micronutrients are actually getting inside of your cells based on genetic variations, whereas a simple blood test does not give us this information. Above all, this allows us to cater directly to your body’s specific needs and deliver the nutrients your body requires in IV form.

Specialty Treatments

Athletic Performance – Helps to boost overall performance in sports and workouts.
The Original – Helps overall immune health, stress, depression, allergies, and soreness.
Hydration – Helps with fatigue, hangover, skin dehydration, seasonal illnesses, and exhaustion.
Energy – Helps with energy, brain fog, electrolytes, and immune health.
High Dose Vitamin C – Helps with Colds, flu, seasonal allergies, stress, and immune health.
Libido Enhancer – Increased sex drive, stamina, boosts testosterone.
Mood Support– Helps with stress, anxiety, and improving mood.
Recovery – Has replenishing fluids to rid the body of toxins and boost energy.
Cosmetic – Helps with fine lines, wrinkles, collagen, acne, and blemishes.
Diet & Detox – Helps metabolism, energy, detoxes your body, and helps hunger cravings and body fat.
Aches & Pains – Helps with aches, pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, and rheumatic conditions.


Zinc – Key in the regeneration of cells, it helps support the immune system, metabolism and healing process.
B6 – Great for assisting with mood, regulating hormones, and weight management.
Arginine – An amino acid that assists with blood flow, cellular communication, and immune system function.
Glutathione – An antioxidant in the body that plays an important role in detoxification and immune system function.
Taurine – Essential for the cardiovascular function of the body as well as the central nervous system.
Glutamine – Assists with gut function, immune function, and times of stress.

This is a breakdown of the NutriPro test. So, with this information, we are more easily able to determine the best treatment specifically for what your body needs.

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