Homeopathic Muscular Injection

General Information

A trigger point is simply a muscle that is in spasm and not allowing any blood flow through that muscle. We use a few different modalities for Trigger Points and some we have already talked about. Typically Trigger Point Therapy is not used until further into the treatment for a specific muscle that is not cooperating (releasing). We see this in patients that have tight hip flexors and who hold their stress in their shoulders and have for years.


The first step is the muscular injection itself. Either our Nurse Practitioner or Nurse will be inserting a small needle into the appropriate muscles. We will be injecting just saline. So, no steroids are needed to help release the muscle and act as blood to start the release.
The injection is then followed by a machine called Rapid Release to push and spread the saline deeper into the muscle tissue. The Rapid Release is a machine that vibrates at high frequency to increase blood flow, break up scar tissue, and release any trigger points.
The final step is using Kinesio Taping to lift and stabilize the muscle. The lifting is for blood flow and the stabilization is so the muscle doesn’t go back to being locked.

Common Questions

Is the Injection Painful?
It should only feel like a slight pinch. Plus, the saline has some lidocaine to help with any pain as well. We utilize a cold spray on the area to help reduce pain. The patient may feel some tenderness after the injections and the numbing medication wears off.

When is Trigger Point Used?
Chronic Pain area mostly. Again, where a muscle has been tight for quite a long time for a patient. It is also commonly used to treat fibromyalgia and tension headaches.

How Many Trigger Points are Needed?
It can depend from patient to patient we never exceed more than 6 typically for one area.