Neuropathy Treatment Indianapolis IN, Treatment of Numbness in Hands and Feet

neuropathyAround 30 million Americans are living with a form of peripheral neuropathy, with symptoms ranging from numbness in hands and feet to debilitating pain. In fact, neuropathy in feet and hands is a common complication of diabetes, with an alarming 70% of all diabetics developing diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This condition is severe enough to lead to amputations, with a staggering 54,000 diabetics having to undergo this drastic procedure every year. Yet, what is even more disheartening is the reality that 75% of these amputations could have been avoided through effective neuropathy treatment.

Neuropathy is not exclusively linked to diabetes. It can also be triggered by other causes such as trauma, and vascular and blood issues that decrease oxygen supply to peripheral nerves, contributing to numbness in feet and hands. Moreover, autoimmune diseases, often precipitated by infections, and the infections themselves can induce neurological damage. Various cancers and benign tumors may also lead to neuropathy. In some cases, the neuropathy treatment itself, such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer, can be a cause.

Conventional neuropathy treatment in the medical setting is typically focused on providing symptomatic relief rather than addressing the underlying cause. However, it’s essential to realize that circulation and nerves possess the ability to heal if given the chance. Therefore, part of the neuropathy treatment should be providing proper nutrition, which often includes vitamin and mineral supplementation. This aids in healing neuropathy, particularly neuropathy in hands and feet.

Complementary approaches to neuropathy treatment also play a significant role. Therapies like chiropractic treatment, bodywork, acupuncture, and rehabilitative therapy can greatly assist in restoring function and promoting the healing of the nervous system. These strategies can prove particularly beneficial for those suffering from numbness in hands and feet due to neuropathy. Therefore, a comprehensive approach that treats the symptoms and root causes is key to effectively managing and eventually overcoming neuropathy.