Body Work

General Information

Body Work is utilized in all phases of our patient’s care. In the acute phase of our patient’s treatment, we focus on combating trigger point development, keeping the lymph system moving, and improving mobility. We utilize many different modalities of massage that best suit the patient and by using the notes of the adjustments and corrective exercises we know exactly how to approach the patient’s care.

women on massage table doing body work

Modalities Used

Swedish Massage – This is the most common form of massage, using the natural flow of muscles to help with circulation, range of motion, and general relaxation.

Sports Massage – As the name sounds, but more focused on a specific injury to assist with better performance and the healing of tendon and muscle tissue in that specific area.

Deep Tissue – Focused on chronic (long-term) muscle tension. By using direct pressure, slow movements, or pushing across the grain of the muscles hitting deeper layers of muscles.

Ortho-Bionomy™ – This is a gentle form of massage which stimulates the body for self-correction. Using leverage points of muscles and stretching this modality encourages the body to self-correct.

Neuromuscular – This type of massage is for specific muscles. Typically trigger points are where no blood is getting into the muscle. We typically include this style in our Trigger Point Therapy once the injection is pushed into the muscle.

Meridian Massage – This type of massage is focused on opening up the meridians of the body opening up the energy of the patient’s body

What Does it Assist With?

Reducing muscle tension
Pain relief
Flexibility and range of motion
Stress management
Sports performance
Reduce tension headaches
And much more….
Appointment Types
30 Minute Massage Therapy
60 Minute Massage Therapy
90 Minute Massage Therapy
30 Minute Ortho-Bionomy
60 Minute Ortho-Bionomy
15 Minute Meridian Massage
30 Minute Meridian Massage