What is Structure Function Medicine?

You may associate different emotions with going to the doctor – fear and anxiety, the confusion that comes with the introduction of new drug prescriptions into your daily routine, frustrating, long waits to get to speak with an actual provider, and even physicians who don’t seem to listen to your concerns or want to address them at their root cause. Many people give up on going to the doctor more than once or twice a year because even when they do go, there doesn’t seem to be any lasting difference in how they feel. 

The Two Types of Healthcare

The FDA recognizes two models of medical care in the United States: Disease Care and Structure Function Care. Disease Care is what most see as “traditional” medicine: it involves addressing health issues and illnesses as they come up, treating diseases and symptoms associated with prescription medications, and sometimes even surgery. For the most part, society is dependent on the Disease Care model because it is what is most readily available and common. Structure Function Care is proactive, preventative healthcare. It focuses on approaching the body as a whole to help bring the entire system back to homeostasis, or a point of balance and equilibrium, effectively preventing health issues before they come up. 

Both types of healthcare have a time and place, but at Holistic Integration, we place our main focus on Structure Function care. This means your musculoskeletal health (the structures of your body: your muscles, joints, and bones) as well as your physiological health (the functions of your body: everything from eating, sleeping, and breathing, to the results of your bloodwork). Structure Function care takes more into account than just symptoms and side effects, it looks at every part of the body and addresses health issues at their root cause to help bring the body to homeostasis, which is the point at which the body functions as well as it can, meaning that the patient feels as best as they possibly can. 

At Holistic Integration, every service we offer is either geared towards the Structural or Functional side of our care model. 

Functional Services

Functional services include visits with our Nurse Practitioner, Health Coaching, personalized supplement programs, EDS (Electro Dermal Screening), Diagnostics (including blood work, hair analysis, GI Stool Kit, and more), our DTS Programs (Weight Loss and Health Coaching), EMI (Electro Meridian Imaging), ECP (External Counterpulsation Therapy), Diathermy, Auricular, and Infrared Sauna.

Structural Services

Structural Services include Chiropractic Adjustments (Atlas Orthogonal and TMJ), Joint Injections, Acupuncture (both traditional acupuncture with needles as well as Acupuncture with Electric which uses lasers), Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy, Spinal Decompression, Intersegmental Traction, Iontophoresis, and so much more. 

Each service on its own is beneficial in helping you to reach toward that point of homeostasis, but together they produce exponentially better results. A combination of these services is necessary to reach homeostasis, and at Holistic Integration we customize treatment plans for every patient to promote a more synergistic approach to help you reach the point of homeostasis. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all plan is not best for our patients, and we work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your unique health needs and goals. 

Does Structure Function care sound like the right fit for you? If so, give us a call at 317-848-8048 to schedule a New Patient Exam.

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