Corrective Exercises

General Information

Posture Program is more for the longevity of the patient (Chronic) Corrective Exercises are for the immediate fix for muscles (Acute). When addressing the muscular-skeletal system it is important to get the structure into alignment and then train the muscles to hold that alignment, one without the other creates a vicious cycle of the body compromising itself. By working together, we can achieve long-term muscular-skeletal correction.

woman exercising body alignment

Muscle Testing

We use testing tools through JTECH to measure functional losses or improvements in muscle groups as a patient starts and progresses through their treatment. So, by giving feedback using this software we can create reports and see changes in real-time that allow us to make changes to their program both in-house and at home.

Range of Motion Testing

One of the goals of corrective exercises is to increase the range of motion. By using our dual inclinometer range of motion testing we can capture spinal and extremity range of motion throughout the process to track results for our patients. By doing these diagnostics we are truly able to track our patient’s results.


Our in-office program will be working on strengthening both the range of motion and muscles through different techniques that could not be done at home. We will be addressing abnormal movement patterns and compensating strategies. The services provided with corrective exercises are as follows:

Joint and soft tissue mobilization
Trigger Point release
Myofascial release
Reciprocal inhibition/contract-relax techniques

At Home

Our practice also teaches our patients how to be proactive in their health at home for years to come. Our goal is to resolve the patient’s ailment. The corrective exercises play a key role in keeping patients healthy and out of our office for reoccurring symptoms.