Vibrant America has developed a food allergy panel, NutriPro, based on high-density microarrays which simultaneously recognize a number of food allergens in an affordable manner. Their method comprises a silicon-based biochip utilizing a chemiluminescent detection method for allergens.

The NutriPro test tells us which micronutrients are actually getting inside of your cells based on genetic variations. Whereas a simple blood test does not give us this information. Above all, this allows us to cater directly to your body’s specific needs. It allows us to know exactly what your body requires for the longevity of your health.

Our Holistic Heart program utilizes the NutriPro assessment to help formulate a plan for you. Our diet has a direct impact on the health of our bodies. One of the areas most impacted by our diet is our heart. This test will help us identify any areas of your diet that may be impacting your cardiac health.

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